How a Divorced Couple Can Sell Their House Quickly

#1. Tips on selling a house immediately.

You need a professional and effective real estate agent that you trust to make your house attractive. Discuss with your former partner and with your agent on the strategy and planning of selling your house, your objective and how much returns you intend to have. An agent will represent the majority of buyers.

Your agent must be very professional, trustworthy, creative, and possess strong communication, as well as negotiation skills. Show your agent or broker around your house so that they know the details of it. This will allow them to promote your house to potential buyers.

There are several ways you can promote your house online. Online advertising, such as electronic flyers or posting videos via YouTube are good ways to go.

Technology such as flip cams or Go Pros allows you to capture videos of your home and your neighborhood by doing a walk through in high definition.

The virtual tour is an excellent way to allow buyers to visualize your home and make their visit worthwhile. You can also explain the unique part of your house to make it more attractive as you go from room to room.

It is more presentable if you could add few descriptions throughout the video, and add sound or soothing music in the background.

Electronic flyers are effective as well, and you can include several photographs of your house.

On the other hand, print advertising is compelling to newspaper and magazine readers. Utilize the power of social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus to reach further to potential buyers. Signs are a free advertising tool that would encourage buyers to call you or your agent immediately.

However, it is important to check with the local authorities regarding putting signs in your area.

You can connect with the community by having an open house, and let your house speak for its credibility. This will pull in more potential buyers. Utilize your network as well as your spouse and your agent to compete with other home sellers in your area.

#2. The importance of pictures and curb appeal.

The first impression of your house is very important. Pictures play a major role in selling your house on the internet. When buyers are searching online for their dream home, they want to see more photos of the house rather than reading lengthy descriptions.

It is easier and more convenient for them to scan the entire house that way. What makes your pictures more appealing compared to other sellers in your neighborhood can be differentiated by the quality of the images.

Consider the angle and lighting when you take a photo. Otherwise you can hire a temporary professional photographer to handle it. A few simple tips to follow by are removing vehicles from the driveway or from the front of your home, and avoid shade on the house.




However, if you own a condo or a house without a yard, then you should take pictures of the facilities such as the clubhouse, swimming pool, indoor gym, or tennis court, so it can be appealing to the buyers. Curb appeal is equally important as well.

A beautiful entryway or appealing landscape can either retract or draw in a buyer.

Details of your house that you should pay close attention to are important, such as repainting your house with bright color and well-trimmed grass.

Remove any clutter around the house that disrupts the beautiful scenery of your home, such as your children’s bikes, skateboards, and garden tools.

Keep your front lawn fresh and clean from leaves, trash or dog waste, but you can still keep few garden pots and some outdoor furniture for decoration.

Buyers will tend to imagine their life in the backyard. Take extra time to clean the front door and repair, replace or remove any damaged screen doors and storm doors. If you have a porch or a deck, install little furniture to add to that great value of an outdoor living space.

You may need to invest a little to repaint your exterior if the color of your house has begun to fade away. However, if you wish to spend less, then you only need to paint the window trims. The appearance of your home is equally important, and you can do so by cleaning windows, repair paving and the roof if necessary.

Weeding and trimming can reflect the type of homeowner you are. As buyers go through each of your photos, they expect beautiful, absolute cleanliness around your surrounding area. 

#3. Gender neutralization.

The interior should be pleasing and agreeable to a family. You can follow some of the tips in upgrading home décor to make it more appealing to both gender’s personal tastes. First, choose a neutral color base such as grey, beige or white for walls, floors, countertops, and larger furniture.

You may use deeper tones like navy or black paired with pops of color in accents, such as pillows, rugs, curtains, and wall art. Second, you can go for a modern theme in tailored furniture.

Next, you should emphasize the texture and patterns in your interior designs. A patterned rug along with cozy woven throws and textured pillows can add to more universal, elegant appearance.

Avoid delicate trinkets on tables or shelves.

You can add industrial or vintage style with chrome, metal and brass side tables, floor lamps, and other finishing touches. Furthermore, you may add a few elements that are of nature, such as furniture that have earthly elements.

You can add little greenery inside the house such as a cactus plant to get that Mother Nature’s touch.

#4. Utilizing your kitchen for sale.

A beautiful kitchen can be very important to you when it comes to selling your home, especially during your open house. Any buyers will spend an extensive amount of time just to survey your kitchen, especially the appliances, finishes, fixtures, and the amount of space and storage.

Small, inconvenient kitchens can be quite troublesome for certain people, even more so if they have a large family. It is not necessary for you to invest a lot in the kitchen, but you have to remember people will spend most of their time in the kitchen.

So, improve your kitchen by refreshing, and refining. Make sure to clean each surface in your kitchen. That includes all tables and countertops. Remove every stain or grease spot as much as possible from the oven or the stove.

This could really impress your buyer. Unless you are not planning to sell your fridge or dishwasher, make sure to keep it clean and spotless as well. Expect your buyers to be very nosy and picky people.

Several aspects of the kitchen that you should check for cleanliness are countertops, cabinets, paint and lighting.

If you have expensive countertops made out of marble or granite, and you don’t have enough money to replace with new one, then you should thoroughly clean it including the sink.

Clear any personal or unnecessary items from the countertops to make it neat and tidy. Replacing cabinets can also be costly as well, but you can restore it back by using warm water and mild soap or wood cleaners, such as lemon oil based cleaners.

However, you can hire labor to reface your cabinets if it is difficult and time-consuming. Clean and organize the insides of your cabinets as well should the buyer wish to inspect. A new paint job is recommended as well by using light colors to brighten the room and to make it appear larger.

If your room is large enough already you can go for slightly darker colors to make it appear smaller. The main importance is that you should keep the color of your cabinets and countertops the same.

Finally, lighting should be a concern, particularly in the kitchen because most people would like to see their cooking area. Although most kitchens do have lots of natural lighting during the day, the light will slowly diminish in the evening.

So, you should consider generating as much lighting as possible by installing lights beneath the cabinets.

You and your partner ought to consider refreshing and de-cluttering your kitchen to make it presentable and welcoming for new buyers. It can influence your buyers’ decision.

#5. Utilizing social media to sell your home.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can quickly spread the word among people, especially to potential buyers. You should first build online platform for you to describe the details of your house properly, and the location and price as well.

Setup an official account on any property portal site which will give you additional online presence, this will help you reach a larger crowd.

Another option would be to create your own blog or website where your creativity can run wild in how you want to make you house more appealing to sell. Free blogging sites you could use that are recommended such as Blogger or Word Press, and you can upload photos, videos and even description of your house.

Make sure to leave your contact information for interested buyers to reach you. After your listing or your website is up and ready, you can share your link on to social media accounts. Most of the time the real estate agent will do this for you.

If you are using Facebook and Twitter, then you can always update news feed about your home sale. You can update your followers or readers regarding the date of your open house, or any information about an improvement you have made to the property.

The power of social media can further help you in your sale through your network. You can ask help from your family, friends or colleagues, when you are ready to sell your house. Get your social network friends to promote your house for sale through likes, shares or re-tweet the information.

This way, you will reach more potential buyers without breaking a sweat. Once you have followers on social networks, it is important to maintain constant interaction with them. Try to always engage with your followers as much as possible to keep interests flowing through them.

Show them that you are a keen, honest and trustworthy home seller. Remember never to spam your social network. It is also crucial to follow proper etiquette on your social networks, since you are sharing personal information with the open public.



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